Rolling Stones
Screen Saver

    In honor of my favorite musical group, I've created this Rolling Stones screen saver.  I am not receiving any profits from its distribution.  All images and sounds are copyrights of their respective companies.  This screen saver can be copied and/or distributed as long as 1) there is no charge for doing so and 2) this screen saver is not modified.
    This screen saver runs through each of the Rolling Stones albums in chronological order.  There are two versions of the screen saver. contains music samples from each of the albums as they appear. is exactly the same except it does not contain the music samples, and is therefore much smaller in size.

DISCLAIMER:  This Screen Saver was created for compatibility with Windows 95, 98, and 2000.  While some screen saver programs function fine on other systems, I cannot guarantee their compatibility with these other systems. 

Thanks and enjoy!

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